The 11 Best Longboard Bearings To Buy In 2024.

Having a nice skateboard is not enough for a soothing ride, for this, your skateboard must have a high-quality and the best longboard bearing. Not having the best longboard bearings will simply make your experience worst. So, it’s a strong recommendation to have the best longboard bearing to make your ride legit. Moreover, having a subtle longboard bearing will also make your ride fast and effortless.

What are longboard bearings?

longboard ceramic bearing

Before acquiring a longboard bearing you must need to savvy about what is best longboard bearings? Longboard bearings are the tiny ports that are used to give boards their spin. Longboard bearings come up with a variety of sizes and designs and even include materials like ceramic steels and other kinds of metals.

Best Longboard bearings are made of C-Ring or Clip, Metal Shield, Inner Race, Steel Balls, Nylon Retainer, Buna Rubber Seal, and Outer Race. Having the knowledge of every part will assist you in making an informed and precise decision.       

Pros of Longboard Bearings

Globally Sized: You don’t need to fret about finding the unerring fit. Longboard bearings are all made in exact same size. So, you can opt for any longboard wheels and bearings for longboards

Boost your speed: If you want to ride in a fast or a speedy way, wheels and bearings for longboards are key for this. Best Longboard bearings will help you to enjoy your ride smoothly and at a faster speed.

Retain your wheels in place: Longboard Bearings are a little element; your bearings are a component that connects your skateboard’s wheel to the axels. They’re pivotal to making your wheels roll.

What Are the Best Longboard Bearings?

Having a nice skateboard is not enough for a soothing ride, for this, your skateboard must have a high-quality and the best longboard bearing. Not having the best longboard bearings will simply make your experience worst. So, it’s a strong recommendation to have the best longboard bearing to make your ride legit. Moreover, having a subtle longboard bearing will also make your ride fast and effortless.

1. Bones Reds Bearings

Bones Reds Bearings 8

There is nothing wrong in saying that Bones Reds Bearings skateboards with spacers and washers are the best longboard bearings that come up with everything you need to get your longboard riding smoothly even at high speeds. Reds bearings skateboard is more than a set of basic bearings.

Reds bearings skateboards are consist of eight bearings including four spacers and eight washers so you can attain an ideal connection with your wheel and trucks. Each bearing is designed with a single, non-contact, and Removeable rubber shield so you can effortlessly access and scrub your longboard bearings.

A rapid nylon ball retainer in a Reds bearing skateboard offers extraordinary strength and sped up as well. Speed cream, or ointment, is likewise included for normal support. Intended to convey speed and execution, these Reds bearings skateboard’s direction will last you for a seriously long time.

2. Oldboy Premium Ceramic Bearings

Old Boy Skateboard

These Ceramic Bearings Longboards heading arrive in an eight-piece set that is pre-greased up intensely so they oppose drag adequately. They limit contact while forestalling mileage at high paces and their flexibility extends all over, including similarity for significant distance cruising, besieging slopes, and slalom skating.

Since these are clay orientation, you will not need to stress over rusting or soil scratching them. You can anticipate that these bearings should give you an expert ride paying little heed to how firm you ride because of the weighty lube and the imposing material.

You’ll get a total arrangement of eight headings, each 608RS or 8 x 22 x 7 millimeters in size, that are made out of ceramic. Each bearing is vigorously pre-greased up to forestall drag, however, they do set aside some effort to break in to arrive at their full perfection. The Ceramic bearing longboards balls themselves are intended to be indestructible, with no compelling reason to stress over rust, erosion, or harm brought about by soil and trash.

A hard polymer safeguard keeps your heading very much ensured as well, and it likewise helps make support simpler as you clean and reapply oil in the wake of giving these headings something to do.

3. Bronson Speed Bearings

Bronson Speed Bearings

On the off chance that you would prefer not to spend a ton on new orientation, you will need to investigate Bronson longboard Bearings. These moderately evaluated longboard bearings offer quality development, perfection, and speed — and you’ll get fantastic worth out of their presentation.

Developed out of carbon steel, these headings are fixed with twofold layers of elastic to hold in oil. You’ll get eight single-column orientations in each pack, all estimated at the standard 608 size. The bearings measure 7 x 22 x 8 millimeters in size, and they can be utilized in longboards just as skateboards, inline skates, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

When introduced, these headings will convey smooth rolling and twists for a suitably prolonged stretch of time. Do remember that the oil utilized on these headings is really oily; that oil can be hard to eliminate when you’re cleaning and applying new ointment.

4. Besiy 608 RS Longboard Bearings

BESIY Bearings

Besiy 608 RS Longboard Bearings are an extraordinary flexible decision. What’s more, when you introduce these headings on your longboard, you’ll get a significant degree of accuracy, a high resistance level, and all-climate execution.

With an ABEC rating of 9, these are the absolute most elevated appraised orientation — and that implies they’ll perform brilliantly with regards to accuracy and effectiveness. You’ll get 16 headings for every bundle, and each bearing is estimated at 608RS with a general estimation of 8 x 22 x 7 millimeters.

Worked for skating in any climate, these longboard heading are waterproof, dust-verification, and soil evidence so you can continue to ride under a wide range of conditions. What’s more, each bearing shows up pre-greased up with silicone oil so you can without much of a stretch accomplish high velocities.

5. Yellow Jacket Pro Bearings

Yellow Jacket Bearings

The Yellow Jacket Pro Longboard Bearings offer magnificent quality and execution — yet where they sparkle is speed. Assuming you need to ride quick, these longboards orientations are difficult to beat. These headings, which are standard 608 sizes, are high-accuracy and high-velocity orientation that can be utilized with longboards just as skateboards and electric skateboards.

They’re pre-greased up with high velocity hustling lube, Yellow Jacket’s special Ultra-Fast Lube, which ensures you’ll accomplish high paces and exceptionally insignificant grinding on each ride. Grease is even fixed inside the course with cool engraved hued seals that keep soil, residue, rocks, and all the more away from your bearings.

The longboard heading themselves are made out of premium chrome steel, with a rapid nylon bearing enclosure and a hardened steel roller confine. Also, they’re even upheld by a hassle-free cost return guarantee.

6. Fireball Dragon Precision Bearings

Fireball Dragon Bearings

Fireball Dragon Precision Best Longboard Bearings are a size 608 with a 22mm breadth, 8mm inward measurement, and a 7mm width. The twofold safeguard configuration offers a staggeringly tough, strong bearing. With race-grade steel balls, the courses are shrouded in light oil, which makes them super smooth and quick.

The double maze safeguards shield the heading from the components and have oil maintenance. The nylon ball confines that encompasses the heading assists with lessening grinding. The steel courses are magnificent for heavier riders as they are very sturdy and strong. They require a brief break-in period, which might cause the course to seem slow, however, they will ride as smooth as a spread.

Fireball Dragon Precision is the best longboard bearings cause orientation can be dismantled, cleaned, and remade. They utilize an elastic bearing safeguard that is not difficult to eliminate. These headings are made with an extraordinary inward ventured lip that keeps water and soil from entering the bearing. Be mindful so as not to harm the lip, and these headings shouldn’t be cleaned for a really long time.

The seals keep the grease in and the soil out. The Fireball bearings are amazing for wet conditions because of the seals. There is no sideways clatter while riding, they withstand even tensions of sliding, and they are the best longboard bearings for downhill riding. Ultimately what plays a vital role are wheels and bearings or longboards.

7. Rollerbones Longboard Bearings

Rollerbones Bearings 8mm

The Rollerbones Longboard Bearings is a balanced decision for longboards. This arrangement of 16 headings, each estimating 8 millimeters in size, is explicitly intended for use with skateboards.

They’re skate-evaluated, with resistance, materials, and oil that are totally consolidated to offer superior and durable sturdiness. However, these headings highlight a reasonable value, they can coordinate with the quality level presented by more costly items.

Each best bearings for longboards are settled inside a removable rapid nylon ball case and pre-greased up with Bones Speed Cream, a low thickness ointment that will convey smooth moving at any speed — and it can empower you to skate quicker. You’ll appreciate low to no moving obstruction and smooth outcomes each time you step on your longboard, and they’ll live up to your desires above and beyond many skates.

8. Wellgo 608-2RS Bearings

Wellgo 608-2RS Ball Bearings

All around secured and very much fixed, the Wellgo longboard Bearings can oppose and stay away from issues brought about by residue, soil, and garbage. Each pack incorporates 10 headings, and the orientation is estimated at 608-2RS, or 8 x 22 x 7 millimeters in size. Made out of carbon steel for strength, these longboard orientations can oppose distortion considerably under a ton of weight.

They’re worked with elastic safeguards on the two sides to keep the grease inside and toxins out, and each best longboard is covered with rust security oil to forestall erosion. Notwithstanding, do remember that you’ll need to get your head far from water and dampness to keep rust from framing.

These headings aren’t ABEC appraised, however they tackle jobs competently in rock-solid applications and are dependable.

9. Heady Shake Pro Bearing

Heady Shake Pro Bearings

The Heady Shake Pro Longboard Bearings offer something somewhat novel — they have the same amount of style as they do skate benefits. Intended to fit both longboards and customary skateboards with their 608RS size, these headings arrive in an eight load with four spacers included.

Worked for speed and perfection, these longboard bearings and wheels highlight an unparalleled accuracy plan, with calm revolution, high turning speed, and enduring strength. They’re even pre-greased up with a novel oil to improve your speed and the perfection of your ride.

Smooth in their style and canvassed in great titanium covering for additional consumption opposition, these headings are even supported and hold an ABEC-9 rating for magnificent resistance. Significantly more critically, they accompany a 100% cashback fulfillment ensure.

10. Zealous Longboard Bearings

Zealous SkateboardBearings

If you are in a search of a waterproof longboard bearing, Zealous Longboards bearings are here for you. The steel orientation has green elastic seals that keep water, soil, and flotsam, and jetsam outside the bearing.

Best bearings for longboards are standard 608 headings with broadened inward races, accuracy 8mm hub openings, and 0.5mm inherent speed rings and spacers, which make trading them onto your board a breeze. You will not lose your speed rings since everything is implicit. Fanatical Steel Best Bearings for Longboards and Skateboard are intended to lessen possible grinding so you get a smooth skate at high paces each time you venture onto your longboard.

Reasonable for use with the two skateboards and longboards, these headings are made out of steel for long-haul sturdiness. They include accuracy 8-millimeter hub openings and 0.5-millimeter worked in speed rings just as green elastic seals that keep out soil and trash while you ride. Inside, the courses are pre-greased up with a remarkable oil: Arch oil Nanoceramic Grease.

This grease can fill in any blemishes present in the heading, which diminishes rubbing and hotness while holding with the metal of the bearings. This makes these longboard heading probably the least grating choices accessible, and it forestalls consumption as well.

Longboard Bearing Components

Longboard Bearing Components

It is additionally important for you to acquire full information about the particular parts that structure part of the longboard bearing. Such information is significant in guaranteeing that you will not wind up getting confounded during the determination interaction.

One essential part that ought to be available in the bearing is the C-ring. It really alludes to the slim ring, which squeezes into a section that you can discover on the external piece of the bearing. It is planned so that it can safely lock the safeguard.

The external and the internal rings are likewise significant in the bearing. The external ring explicitly alludes to the round outside built out of metal material that any remaining bearing parts fit into.

The inward ring, then again, is the little ring made of metal, which fits inside the external ring. It is critical on the grounds that the axles use it to fit through each time the wheel or the bearing arrangement slides into the hub.                                                

Another significant part that ought to never be missing in any longboard bearing is the safeguard. This is fundamental since its capacities so that it can keep any soil from entering into the heading. The balls that are regularly either made of steel or fired are additionally crucial parts since they are useful in guaranteeing that the basing of the bearing twirl around them.

Different parts that ought to be available in the bearing are the ball retainer and the elastic seal. Guarantee that this load of part is available as they can assist with guaranteeing that the bearing will perform at its best.

Standard Bearings

blue skateboard bearing

There is not a big difference between Standard Longboard Bearings and Skateboard bearings. In fact, they are exactly the same. They can be used on any board of length. What you need is two bearings per individual wheel, and the bearings can be installed lonely.

Standard best bearings for longboards are classically made out of steel or ceramic to attain a speedy and smooth ride. If you’d like, you can also make an addition of a bearing spacer, which sits between the wheels and bearings for longboards.

Built-in bearings

Built-in bearings are quite tangled and facet more moving parts than standard bearings.  In inclusion to a standard bearing, these components also offer a built-in spacer and speed rings.

This means you don’t need to put on any supplemental parts of pieces to attain the spot-on speed and smoothness; they offer the whole shooting match you might call for.

Points to consider while acquiring the best longboard bearings

skateboard-bearings opening

When searching for the ideal longboard bearing and wheels, you should contemplate a couple of elements prior to settling on your choice. Best bearing for longboards is made with balls, internal and external races, retainer enclosures, and safeguards.

Look at different interesting points when purchasing your longboard bearings underneath. There is nothing more important to a longboard than the fine wheels and bearings for longboards

Besides, you need to assemble as much data as could be expected with regards to the best longboard brand and the most dependable longboard deck, so you can sort out what bearing explicitly suits it.

Your decision during your quest for a completely useful longboard bearing can likewise be made simpler on the off chance that you remember these significant factors and focuses:

ABEC Rating System

When searching for which course to pick, you will hear the notice of the ABEC Rating. What is an ABEC rating, and is it significant in longboarding and skating?

ABEC, which represents Annular Bearing Engineers Committee) rating is an overall rating framework that applies more to machine courses as opposed to skateboard and longboard orientation. The higher the ABEC, the more prominent the insurgency is each moment of the wheel.

ABEC doesn’t as expected measure turning speed or the speed increase of skateboard course. A lot of organizations like Bones, Zealous, and Bronson doesn’t utilize the ABEC framework. All things considered, they planned their own skate rating framework to fulfill skating and longboarding guidelines like side burden and effect opposition.


In case you are on a tight spending plan or an amateur; the steel balls are your most ideal decision. Steel heading does warm up while you ride, which assists with their flexibility under a weighty burden. Steel bearings are additionally impervious to breaking.


In case you are a devoted downhill racer or searching for a bearing that will outlive your board; you should get a holding on for artistic balls. The clay metal rollers are not influenced by heat, so it is more secure to use during downhill dashing. The main ruin is that artistic course can be a lot more costly than steel.

Bearing Size

Longboard bearing arrives in a standard 608 Bearing Size. These headings measure 22mm (external distance across) x 7mm (width) and 8mm (inward breadth/pivot).

This bearing size is the most well-known and will fit on your longboards and skateboard axles.


Spacers and washers (speed rings) give the leeway on the longboard hub and truck. They are a fundamental piece of introducing a course as they keep heading from depending on wheel centers for the position.

Washers and spacers will streamline your twist and will keep your bearing tight – forestalling warped heading.


Most courses you will purchase are pre-greased up with the goal that they will turn quicker immediately and are prepared to introduce directly out of the crate.

There is no compelling reason to grease up fresh out of the box new orientation before establishment, yet in case they are not pre-greased up, there is a wide range of ointment choices you can use to guarantee your bearing roll without a hitch.


There are a few unique greases that you can use on your course to make them run as expected.

As course utilize a dainty grease. As numerous directions are as of now pre-greased up when bought.

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