How to Make Your Longboard Faster? 7 Easy Steps

Achieving faster longboard speeds requires a blend of optimal equipment, smart technique, and maintenance. Regular maintenance like bearing cleaning and deck lubrication keeps you gliding smoothly and swiftly.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll unveil ten expert-backed strategies that will not only elevate your longboard’s speed but also ensure you maintain precise control and safety while hurtling down your favorite paths and streets.

1. Optimize Your Longboard Bearings

longboard ceramic bearing

Enhancing longboard speed hinges on the efficiency of your bearings. Select High-Quality Longboard Bearings with low friction and ABEC ratings suited to your riding style.

Periodically Clean Skateboard Bearings to remove dirt and debris, as these impurities increase friction and hinder performance.

Lubricate bearings with a suitable skate bearing oil or grease to ensure smooth rotation and reduce friction. Well-maintained bearings minimize energy loss, allowing you to maintain speed more effectively.

Prioritizing bearing care not only boosts your longboard’s velocity but also prolongs their lifespan, ensuring countless speedy rides on your favorite routes.

2. Choose the Right Wheels for Speed

Selecting the ideal wheels is paramount for unlocking peak longboard velocity. Opt for larger wheels with a diameter ranging from 70mm to 75mm and a durometer rating of 78A to 85A.

Larger wheels maintain momentum more effectively, while a slightly harder durometer reduces rolling resistance. These features combine to facilitate higher speeds and smoother rides.

Additionally, consider wheel shape – square-edged or slightly rounded lips provide better grip and control during high-speed turns. Striking the right balance between size, durometer, and shape ensures that your longboard is optimized for speed, allowing you to confidently navigate downhills and straightaways while experiencing the thrill of the wind rushing past.

For detailed guide visit Different Types Of Skateboard Wheels For Skating. 

3. Consider a Lower Longboard Deck

Lowering your longboard deck’s profile can significantly impact both stability and speed. A lower deck minimizes your center of gravity, enhancing stability during high-speed rides and allowing you to maintain control with greater ease.

This reduced height also reduces wind resistance, enabling you to cut through the air more efficiently. When selecting a lower deck, ensure it still provides ample ground clearance to avoid potential wheel bite during sharp turns.

Experiment with various deck styles and shapes to find the perfect balance between lowered height and maneuverability, resulting in a more streamlined and agile longboard that’s primed for exhilarating speed while maintaining your ability to navigate urban terrain effortlessly.

4. Improve Your Riding Technique

Your riding stance is a crucial factor in achieving both control and speed on your longboard. Adopt a crouched, athletic posture that minimizes air resistance while providing stability.

Bend your knees and hips slightly, keeping your weight centered over the board for optimal balance. Tuck your arms close to your body to further reduce wind drag. This posture not only enhances your aerodynamics but also improves your ability to respond swiftly to changes in terrain or obstacles.

Choose streamlined clothing and gear, such as form-fitting attire and aerodynamic helmets, to reduce the drag caused by air resistance. This reduces the surface area exposed to oncoming air, allowing you to glide more effortlessly

Mastering a proper stance allows you to harness the power of your body’s mechanics, enabling you to propel your longboard forward with greater efficiency and confidence, all while experiencing the rush of faster speeds and smoother rides.

5. Upgrade Your Bushings for Stability

Achieving higher speeds demands enhanced stability, and one often overlooked aspect is the role of bushings. Bushings are the rubbery components that cushion the trucks and influence how the board turns and responds.

For increased stability during high-speed rides, consider upgrading to stiffer bushings. Stiffer bushings offer better control and reduce the likelihood of speed wobbles, ensuring a smoother and safer ride.

Choose bushings that match your weight and riding style, as this will provide optimal stability without compromising your ability to carve and maneuver.

Upgrading your bushings might seem subtle, but the impact on your longboarding experience – in terms of both speed and control – can be significant, allowing you to confidently chase greater velocities while maintaining a firm grip on your ride.

6. Master the Art of Pumping

Pumping is a versatile technique that can add a noticeable boost to your longboard’s speed without needing to push off the ground.  It involves using your body’s movements to generate momentum by shifting your weight in a rhythmic manner.

As you approach a slight decline or a flat surface, shift your weight from your front foot to your back foot while bending your knees. This transfers energy through the board, propelling you forward.

As you move your weight back to the front foot, you’re effectively converting potential energy into kinetic energy, allowing you to maintain and even increase your speed.

With practice, you’ll refine the timing and coordination required for pumping, giving you an efficient way to maintain momentum on various terrains and achieve exhilarating speeds.

7. Invest in High-Quality Grip Tape

When pursuing higher speeds on your longboard, grip is paramount for maintaining control during swift maneuvers. High-quality Grip Tape not only keeps your feet securely planted on the board but also enhances your ability to execute precise turns and shifts.

Opt for grip tape with a strong adhesive that adheres well to the deck’s surface and offers a coarse texture for maximum traction. Replace worn-out grip tape regularly to ensure consistent grip performance.

Additionally, consider customizing your grip tape design to add a personal touch to your longboard while benefiting from enhanced control. A solid grip not only bolsters your confidence at high speeds but also forms the foundation for a safer and more enjoyable longboarding experience overall.

Closing Thoughts

Achieving greater speed on your longboard requires a combination of the right equipment, proper maintenance, and mastering essential riding techniques. By optimizing your bearings, wheels, stance, and overall setup, you can experience the rush of flying down the streets faster than ever before. Remember, while speed is exhilarating, safety should always be your top priority. So, gear up, follow these tips, and enjoy the thrill of a faster ride on your longboard!

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