Best Skateboard Grip Tape To Buy In 2024.

Skateboarding has been shaped and influenced by many skateboarders throughout the years. One of the biggest influences in this sport was the invention of grip tape.

Skateboard grip tape is a sheet of material applied to the top side of the deck, which allows both skaters and their boards to have greater traction. It will reduce slippage between your feet and deck while you are riding, thereby making tricks easier to perform.

The grip tape that is on your skateboard can either make or break the board. While inexpensive, it is important that you choose great quality grip tape to ensure that you are not slipping around when attempting tricks and stunts.

This article will describe which is the Best Skateboard Grip Tape, having exceptional adhesive properties so you can stay stuck to your board instead of falling to the ground.

1. Mob Skateboard Grip Tape

Mob GripTape

Mob grip tape is a high-quality grip tape sheet made by the company Mob. Being 7 mils thick, this black grip tape sheet measures 9″ tall and 31″ long. It has a very smooth texture and is actually used in many skate bowls and ramps in order to help people stay on their board when they’re going down the steepest hills.

The Mob Grip Tape is a bubble-free, hassle-free way to apply tape. There are hundreds of holes in the surface that allow air to escape through and prevent any unwanted bubbles during application time.

This product technically works as “microbubble relief”. The unique design was made so beginners could easily accomplish better results in fewer tries. In Short, Mob grip tape is the Best skateboard grip tape for beginners.

The Mob Grip Tape is a great alternative to traditional skateboard grip tape. It sticks well, and its water-proof properties make it suitable for every type of weather you can think of. Plus there’s the added bonus that these Grip Tapes are sharp so they’ll stick right through your footwear!

2. Jessup Skateboard Grip Tape

Jessup Griptape

Jessup griptape is a well-known brand in the world of skateboarding for its durability and balance between friction, which can be seen with a casual glance.

The rolled-up material provides an excellent surface when performing tricks or just cruising through town on your board without worrying about getting scratched by something sharp sitting there waiting to cut into you when no one’s looking!

The Jessup Grip Tape has a superior adhesive that won’t let go as quickly. It also features an anti-bubble surface, so you can enjoy a good grip without worrying about bubbles ruining the experience!

With the ease of installing grip tape, this thin and durable skateboard grip tape is perfect for beginners. With no air bubbles in your skateboard deck when you apply it makes them easier to assemble without making mistakes that could ruin their day or make things more difficult.

Jessup’s grip tape is available in a variety of colors and designs, making it an excellent choice for any board.

3. Grizzly Grip Tape

Grizzly Griptape

This grip isn’t perforated (meaning there are no holes), but it does come in several colors and is self-adhesive. It doesn’t leave behind any residue when you remove it and is a much cheaper option as compared to skater-specific grip tape.

The Grizzly Blank Skateboard Grip tape has a smooth feel that’s easy on your hands, even without gloves. It’s not as rough as some grip tape like the stuff you’ll find on pro boards but it still provides plenty of traction when you’re riding around town or skating to class.

The Grizzly Grip tape is a perfect choice for cruising or practicing tricks on your skateboard. The medium grit level allows riders of all skill levels to enjoy longboarding without worries. Thanks to its grip power which makes holding onto hills easier as well.

This grip has a strong adhesive backing that keeps your board from slipping between tricks, and it won’t rip or tear when you’re putting on the pressure. This grip doesn’t require any sanding or prepping before application, since the adhesive backing is strong enough to hold it firmly in place once applied.

The Grizzly Blank Skateboard Grip tape isn’t the best choice for a pro skateboarder, but it’s great if you’re just an occasional skater who needs to keep their grip tape from wearing out quickly.

4. Black Diamond Sheet Grip Tape

Black Diamond Sheet

No other climbing tape protects like Black Diamond SheerGrip Tape. It enhances grip in wet and dry conditions to give you the edge on every climb. The non-stick, textured surface adds durability and peace of mind because it can withstand sharp edges and repeated use.

Black Diamond grip tape is known for being Waterproof, but it has its flaws. The sharpness of this product lasts a long time and wear out where you place your feet might happen soon if left unprotected from dirt or water spots on the flooring surface underneath.

This can result in injuries while playing sports with messy shoes/athletic gear during practice sessions.

With a variety of colors to choose from, this grip tape will make your deck look like its own unique individual. If you are looking for something specific or want color matching but not limited by what’s already on offer then these small details might be right up your alley!

5. Black Widow Grip Tape

Black Widow GripTape

Black Widow Grip tape is a kind of griptape used by skateboarders. Griptape is the slippery rubbery stuff that is stuck to the top of your board and helps you stay in place while skating.

The adhesive won’t budge, and it has weather resistance properties too! But don’t get this stuff wet because then things can get slippery. Make sure never to peel off or remove your Black Widows while they’re still damp (and avoid touching them with oily fingers).

The Black Widow Grip tape is a basic, yet sleek and colorful line of products that add some interesting flair to your favorite board. You can find reds in vibrant shades of blues with an understated checkered pattern for those who want something more modernized!

This griptape is a renowned grip tape for turning, cruising, and high speeds. It’s known to keep you stable when taking corners with ease because of its excellent traction properties on most surfaces.

6. Zuext Skateboard Grip Tape

Zeuxt griptape

Zuext Skateboard grip tape is made of silicon carbide, making it the toughest and most durable on earth. This high-grade material can withstand any weather condition with ease!

The self-bonding feature means no more pesky glue spills everywhere. Just peel off one layer per use without worrying about spilling anything because there’s nothing else involved.

In order to prevent air bubbles from forming when applying grip tape, make sure you work slowly and consistently. Be careful not to apply too much on one spot or else it will bubble up later in the middle of your design!

The best way around this problem is by starting at nose-to-tail while paying extra attention to near curves. Be sure to trim your Zuext before applying it, as the adhesive may cause tearing.

7. Shake Junt Spray Grip Tape

Shake Junt Spray

Want to get a better grip on your skateboard? Try Shake Junt Spray Grip Tape. It’s made from natural rubber and has slightly sharper edges than Grizzly, but it won’t cut through shoe soles like some other brands might.

One of the most popular grips in all industries these days is Shake Junt. They’ve been serving their customers with fine accessories for over two decades now! Their newest additional spray-on formula makes applying easier than ever before (and less messy too!).

There are many benefits to spray grip tape, but there are also some drawbacks. The first drawback is that it gets dirty very quickly and the design will fade after cleaning.

This tape is water-resistant and stays put in humid climates. The product has only two colors, which helps to make sure that it fits into any environment without standing out as different from the rest of its surroundings!

If you’re looking at getting back into skating or just want something different then give this stuff a shot.

8. BooTaa Skateboard Grip Tape

BooTaa GripTape

The BooTaa Skateboard grip tape is the perfect board accessory for any longboard or cruising enthusiast. The grip provides superior traction, with a non-grippy surface that will not distract you while riding your favorite mode of transportation in style!

With its water-resistant and tearproof quality, this product offers a 1-year warranty to boot making sure all future accidents are avoided by means of our trusty grip tape.

The strong, durable grip tape made from silicon carbide won’t easily wear or tear even when you use it daily. This means that the surface is much harder than other types of materials and will last for years with minimal maintenance needed!

The BooTaa grip tape is the solution for those who don’t want to slip and fall during rainstorms. It has an adhesive that will stick even when it gets wet, which means you can ride around on your snowboard without having any worries about falling off!

Things To Consider While Buying A Skateboard Grip Tape In 2023

How To Take Care Of Your Grip Tape

A skateboard is incomplete without its grip tape, so it’s important to choose the right one for your skateboard or you will be wasting your money. Here we will list out the things that every buyer must consider while buying a Skateboard grip tape.

There are different variations of Skateboard grips available in the market. It varies according to size, width, color, and even shape. The most common type of grips is Mob, Jessup, and grizzly grip tape.

What brand of the skateboard is right for you? We’ve got a post with everything that matters, Check out our latest article on the Best skateboard brand for beginners.

Size Of Grip Tape

Before buying a Skateboard grip tape, consider what type of grip you require for your board as it depends on the deck design too. For example, if your skateboard has less space between the trucks you need narrower grip tape.

But if your board is wide you must go for a wider grip tape. If it’s a big-sized deck then the normal 7-ply grip tape will work fine.

Another thing to consider while buying a Skateboard grip tape is the brand name. Brands like Mob and Jessup are more recognized in this field.

Shape Of Board

Now let’s talk about the shape of your board, whether you want a tape that goes all the way from tip to tip (also known as a full sheet) or just a strip in one or two pieces that can be used along the length of your board.

If you choose the latter one then make sure that it is long and wide enough for your deck size, otherwise, it will not fit and you will need to apply another layer on top of the old one (which many people say “it messes up” with your board).

Durability Of Grip Tape

Lastly, if are someone who travels frequently by skateboard and breaks off the grip tape often then you should consider buying a Jessup griptape because it is more durable than others.

Wrap Up

So to conclude, before purchasing a Skateboard grip tape for your board it’s important that you understand exactly what type of deck design you have and how you intend to apply the tape.

Once this is done, choose from different shapes, brands, and sizes available in the market and order one which fulfills all your criteria.

How To Take Care Of Your Grip Tape

How To Apply Grip Tape

It’s extremely important to know how to take care of your grip tape so you can have a safe and enjoyable experience.

Daily Cleaning

The best way to care for your grip tape is daily cleaning. Simply take a damp cloth with some soap on it and wipe down your deck, trucks, and wheels before heading out of the door in the morning. This will ensure that there’s no dust or dirt on them from being stored or from the night before.

Also, make sure to wipe down everything after a day of skating as well. This will prevent any dirt and grim from building up and make your grip tape less effective the next time you go out and shred because you’re slipping all over the place.

Use Sandpaper

Sandpaper Griptape

One thing that people don’t often do is slide or scrape their hands across the grip tape before going for a slide. If the whole length of your fingers has dirt and grim on them, it’s not as effective as having clean hands sliding across the grip tape.

If you don’t want to slide or scrape your hand across, simply rub against some sandpaper. This will rid any excess dirt and grime from your hands.

Remove Dirt And Grim

If your grip tape has become dirty you can clean that off as well! Use a sharp object to scrape the dirt and grim from the grip tape. Make sure to get in all of those hard-to-reach places.

Like between where trucks meet deck so it’s not left behind. The easiest way to do this is by using a metal spoon or something of that nature.

Cover Whole Board With Grip Tape

When you’re using your grip tape it’s always better to have more coverage rather than less. This is why when you first lay your deck down, run the grip tape over the wood all the way across the width to make sure every last millimeter of space is covered! This will ensure that your grip tape will last longer.

How To Increase Grip Tape’s Life?

Grip tape should last you a long time as long as you take care of it and don’t do anything too crazy. But, if for some reason it does end up tearing or ripping then that’s okay. You can use an extra piece of grip, like the tail end of what you just ripped off, to patch up your deck.

The best way to care for your grip tape is to wipe your board down after you skate it. This will prevent any dirt and grim from building up and make your grip tape less effective the next time you go out.

Closing Thoughts

Now that you know about some exceptional skateboard grip tapes, decide which one will work best for your personal preferences and the style of skateboarding that you enjoy. To have a successful year as a skater, take care of your board by investing in quality grip tape!

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