Best Skateboard Brand For Beginners 2024.

Skateboards are not made for specific age groups. So, if you are in this hesitation that you will look a bit odd or will get mocked by peeps, so your thoughts are absolutely erroneous. No matter if it is your fresh start, doing it after a decade just give it a try.

We have discovered some staggering skateboards that will adjure you to buy them and we will strongly recommend you to buy them. We truly have worked a lot and unearth the best skateboard brand for beginners. Not only this but we will let you know about the Pros and Cons of each product.

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Generally, a perfect Skateboard is based on six prime components: The Deck which is on the top of the skateboard is normally made of wood. Wheels are the most essential component of the skateboard, play a vital role in rolling.

The basic two types of wheels are Smaller wheels which are lighter in weight and also gives fine speed and the other one is Bigger wheels which are hefty, but still roll faster and preserve speed better and sturdy enough to cope with bumpy tracks.

Trucks help the wheels to affix to the board. Bearings are the tiny circular system that let the wheel roll and will regulate how fast and smoothly they rotate.

Grip Tape is a core part of the skate framework because it provides the grip necessary to hold on your foot on the board, chiefly when performing tricks. Hardware also known as mounting hardware which is used to join the skateboard trucks to the skateboard deck.

We have brought you the best Skateboard brand for beginners, consisting of top-notch specs, but it’s on you to make decisions according to your desideratum.

Minority 32 Inch Maple Skateboard


When looking around for the best skateboard brand for beginners, one name that you’re going to run over is this item by Minority.

One of the most famous options, each part is a combination of top-indent material, and the construction is an incredible illustration of engineering. When speaking of standpoint, Minority 32 Inch has printed artwork that is one of a kind. They utilize advanced printing innovation, so the print doesn’t disappear. You can even customize the print according to your liking.

More about Deck

For the smoothness of the ride, the deck utilizes seven-ply maple rock joined by epoxy glue making it shock-resistant and adaptable. It can support a weight of up to 220 lbs. making it a good option for individuals with weight.

The concave is genuinely medium. Its roomy nose and kick tails offer exceptional maneuverability. The plan can befit beginners willing to rehearse basic abilities just as advanced riders who want to utilize various stunts.

Wheel Specifications

Trucks are a genuine aluminum composite, and each is 5-inch. It has a kingpin, sans rust hardware while the pivot is chrome steel. Aside from that, its 32 mm, 10A, high backlash Polyurethane wheels produce massive power with only a little measure of force.

In contrast to the prior model, it has ABEC-9 bearings made of chrome steel. The particular construction of the wheels makes it conceivable to arrive at top speed with only three power paddles.

POSITIV Team Skateboards


POSITIV Team Complete Skateboards are too comprised of the best skateboard brand for beginners. This board is the result of Spring 2012 and is a piece of Digital Series by POSITV. Initially, the company was operating under the name of Skate One with famous companies like Bones and Powell Peralta. Popular skaters like Sandro Dias and Andy MacDonald are known to be their clients.

More about Deck

The Andy MacDonald model is the one that is the greatest of all others. With a width of 8-inch and length of 32.125, the deck suits a considerable number of riders.

It is fundamental to realize that every deck utilizes the demanding specification given by Skate One making utilization of its restrictive presses and facade source.

The AirLam cycle joins various handles of wood and utilizes waterproof glue to do that. The bottom has SST slide treatment that enhances the length of its rider’s slide

Wheel Specifications

When we concentrate on the Andy MacDonald model only, it’s fundamental to mention the wheel dimensions. This is on the grounds that these are very broad and suit riders of all age gatherings.

The wheel distance across is 54 mm and they have 99A hardness that is ideal for skating streets. The bearing is a Mini-Logo to guarantee a smooth ride.

On top of that, the bundle additionally includes a lubricant by the name “Bones Speed Cream” to guarantee a ride that is smoother than others. To wrap things up, the trucks stand out for their fix and amazing dimensions. They are seven and a half inches wide and consummately choose the deck.

Powell Golden Dragon Knight Dragon 2 Skateboard

Powell-Golden-Dragon-Knight-Dragon-2 Mini-Skateboard

Established in 1978, Powell Peralta is an American skateboard company. Its skateboard Powell Golden Dragon is an ideal choice among the best skateboard brand for beginners. Manufactured in China, these boards utilize the maple facade source.

The plan of every component follows profoundly demanded specifications and later tried to guarantee top caliber, making these skateboards a top option.

More about Deck

PGD Deck is an exceptional board with regards to highlights. It is around 32 inches long and eight inches wide. This size is somewhat less than the typical street deck. However, a profound concave twist balances the out well. Likewise, it doesn’t need strength regardless of its tight width.

The weight of the deck takes after that of a 7-ply maple deck, yet it remains hardened longer than other ordinary boards.

Other than this, all Powell Peralta decks have a wide and strong polymetric lash. It is so strong and adaptable that regardless of whether the board breaks, it will hold the deck together. This makes it a protected option among the best skateboard brand for beginners who are prone to falls.

Wheel Specifications

The wheel has a 54 mm breadth, 37 mm width, and 99A hardness. The numbers fall within the advantageous range. However, it is the bearing section that is weak.

However, you can generally supplant the hard wheels with softer ones for a smooth ride. In addition, because of the bearing weakness, the wheels get slower with time.

Powell Golden Dragon Flying Dragon Skateboard


Why pick Hikole as the best skateboard brand for beginners? Well, Hikole has been designing and producing professional skateboards for just about 20 years. Not exclusively can you find probably the most affordable boards at Hikole, yet the brand additionally offers phenomenal support of its customers.

More about Deck

What’s so extraordinary about this Hikole Skateboard? How about we investigate.

On the off chance that you intend to go beyond the basics, this 31 x 8-inch full-sized board is an incredible option. Once you become acclimated to a board, ability training gets simpler. Henceforth, purchasing a long-term board might be a wise choice.

The consistent form, combined with the exceptional characteristics of the Hikole, makes it an ace beginner skateboard. The high thickness 7-layer Canadian maple wood deck is adequately tough to withstand to 220 pounds. In other words, grown-ups and children, both can ride on this board.

The twofold kick concave plan additionally makes it simple for you to rehearse basic tricks and deceives. Rolling down an unpleasant terrain is no test because of the grasp tape on the deck.

Caution: we recommend trying this once you’ve arrived at an intermediate degree of riding, or higher.

Wheel Specifications

The 50mm 85A wheels on this board permit you to float easily on walkways, jungle gyms, pools, and even unpleasant terrains. Indeed, with enough practice, you’ll have the option to ride this board over any sort of surface consistently.

Controlling and balancing on this board becomes very basic because of the ABEC-7 precision bearings and PU bushing on the wheels. Given the measure of stability and control this board grants its riders, you’ll perform stunts in no time.

KPC PRO Skateboard


Krown Pro arose in the skating field in the year 1996. They sought to give great skateboards at an affordable cost. The company has 20 years of involvement with the field, which securely makes them among the most dependable manufacturers.

Their items are ideal for beginners and intermediate riders and can be counted as the best skateboard brand for beginners. Nonetheless, the KPC Pro, specifically, takes into account the necessities of professional skaters.

More about Deck

It utilizes Canadian maple to construct decks that are 8.0 x 32 inches. This model can be an instant pick for star skaters who are looking for a redesign of their board model. Its cutting-edge concave considers comfort and makes learning new deceives very simple. You can likewise flip the board with little effort.

Wheel Specifications

The material utilized for trucks is aluminum which has a five-inch hanger joined to a steel hub. It has 52 mm, 99A high-bounce back wheels. And ABEC 7 bearings have 80 coarseness dark tape.

The material of the wheel is softer than many others present in the stores. The sole issue of this item is that of the lethargic bearings. So, upgrading the bearings will transform the board into an extraordinary one.

Roller Derby Deluxe Series


Do you have a restricted spending plan? Don’t worry; we have you covered. The Roller Derby Rd Skateboard from the company’s Deluxe Series is the ideal and best skateboard brand for beginners. This top-notch board is accessible at an astonishingly affordable cost.

More about Deck

While this board might be less expensive than others, we guarantee you, it doesn’t involve any means that the board needs quality. The 7-ply hard rock maple wood deck makes this board quite tough. Moreover, stability is additionally guaranteed thanks to the full grasp layer on the deck.

Likewise, the proportions of this exemplary deck Roller Derby board (31 x 7.5 inches) make it reasonable for riders of any age.

Wheel Specifications

This board accompanies T5 indy aluminum trucks, every 5-inch long. The 50 mm PU wheels with Bevo Silver-5 Bearings permit you to coast along the walkway easily.

The 4mm angled risers installed on this board guarantee you have no balancing or controlling issues while skateboarding. Moreover, learning basic stunts like an ollie or reverse flip on this board would be easy.

Whether you want to rehearse a couple of stunts at the skate park or simply want to cruise in your neighborhood, this is an ideal beginner skateboard option for you to consider.

OHDERII 31 Inch By 8 Inch Skateboard

This skateboard by Ohderii is reasonable for beginners and professionals. The material is of great, and the examples are really amazing. It utilizes a thermal transfer film production measure rather than the stickers.

More about Deck

The plastic deck is of fine quality and has four smooth casters. This brings in flexing that empowers the board to twist a little with every move. The deck configuration is 22.2 x 5.9 inches that make it reduced and portable.

It is a low-riding board with the ideal length that gives you stability and complete control. The conservative body is the thing that makes it ideal for grown-ups and children the same.

Wheel Specifications

The foundation of the material is ABS that can resist a considerable measure of effect. The wheels are likewise made of top caliber, strong PU material that is comprised of 7 layers of Canadian maple. Indeed, you read it right, seven layers, yet at the same time the skateboard is light-weight.

The 3-inch durable aluminum trucks that are 59 mm and have 85 A hardness likewise add to their solidarity. The skateboard is waterproof, which gives you the freedom to ride it on any surface.

The board comes completely amassed, so there is no requirement for you to join the parts. Every component fulfills the standard industry guidelines, which transform it into a common pick for skaters across the world.

SCSK8 Pro Skateboard


SCSK8 began as a little warehouse and retailer in 2010. Since then, the company has connected for better quality items that are famous for their construction and functionality. Added to this is the reasonable pricing of its boards.

The way that beginners can undoubtedly afford to purchase the boards is the thing that makes it exceptionally well known in the mainstream market. There is an entire list of designs to look over, according to as you would prefer.

More about Deck

Seven plywood maple makes up the deck. It has a width of eight inches and a length of 32 inches. These dimensions make it an ideal pick for the most recent street skating procedures.

Indeed, even children under 12 years can undoubtedly figure out how to have a grasp on the deck. The most extreme weight it can take is up to 225 lbs, and it fits the two sexes.

Wheel Specifications

The wheels on this board are 52 mm with a hardness of 101A. PU wheels with these specifications take into consideration a high bob and level spot resistance. On a precise note, it has ABEC 9 red bearings with a star, dark, grasp tape though the trucks are aluminum five inches.

SCSK8 offers an affordable item however remember there are certain downsides connected to it. The bearings are moderate and need an update. Indeed, even to certain riders, the trucks give off an impression of being of bad quality.

22 Inch Mini Cruiser Retro Skateboard

Is wellbeing your greatest concern while searching for the best skateboard brand for beginners to purchase? We recommend you contemplate the Meketec 22 Inch Retro Skateboard. Featuring a CE certification, this well-constructed and stable board guarantees all riders’ security, regardless of their expertise level.

More about Deck

In case you’re keeping watch for a youngster’s skateboard, this 22.5 x 6-inch board is an ideal size. Children can comfortably ride this board to the recreation center or school. As mentioned before, well-being is guaranteed with this board, so you don’t need to worry about scratched knees.

This plastic single kick board weighs only 3.8 pounds, making it simple to haul around. However, don’t give the lightweight bonehead you access to thinking this board is fragile. Truth be told, the deck is made of Polypropylene, which is very strong and adaptable.

Moreover, the soft casters and the anti-slip markings on the base guarantee a steady riding experience.

Wheel Specifications

The wheels on this board are tough and long-lasting, with a measurement of 45mm and a hardness of 78A. You can likewise appreciate riding at a quicker speed with the ABEC-7 bearing on these wheels.

Moreover, the uncompromising, top-notch 3.25-inch aluminum trucks can hold out against a 200-pound grown-up. Given the construction of this board, there’s no space to question its sturdiness.

This Meketec board promises both wellbeing and stability making it one of the top skateboards for beginners.

Our Suggestion - Best Skateboard for Beginners

(Minority 32 Inch Maple Skateboard)


This load of the best skateboard brands for beginners accompanies their remarkable highlights, and this makes it difficult for us to pick the best skateboard. However, we have concluded that the one with the lesser measure of redesigns wins.

Upgrading parts is not an issue but rather an important piece of the game. In any case, the arrangement is that upgrading another skateboard shouldn’t be too soon.

This is the reason our suggestion of the best skateboard for beginners is the Minority 32 Inch Maple Skateboard

This skateboard is simply impeccable and beats the competition completely. It is ideal for street skating, downhill, and performing stunts. Its wheels, bearings, and board are made of the best quality and are waterproof.

Best Skateboard to Learn On

Want to realize which is the best skateboard for beginners in 2023 to learn on? The POSITIV Team Complete Skateboards are well-known in the skateboarding local area and have additionally gotten a considerable amount of praise for their superior. It is likewise the best skateboard brand for beginners.

How about we take a gander at what POSITIV Team has to bring to the table.

(POSITIV Team Complete Skateboard)


Depending on your liking, you can pick between birch or maple for the deck. You can likewise pick between a twofold kick-tail and nose plan. Both of these have a concave plan making it easy to explore and control with your feet.

The only adverse part of this board is that it is somewhat on the expensive side. However, we guarantee you that every one of the extraordinary highlights it offers is definitely worth the investment, particularly in case you’re not kidding about learning how to skate.

What is the Best Skateboard Size for Beginners?

In case you’re new to the skater local area, you likely don’t know, what is the best skateboard size for beginners? Don’t worry; we’re here to take care of you!

As mentioned before, when buying skateboards, you need to take your stature and shoe size into consideration.

In all honesty, deck size can affect your skating experience. For beginners, you can begin by matching shoe size and tallness with the fitting width.

Here are a few gauges that you can pass by:

Colorful shoes with skateboard


This board is for individuals matured five years or more youthful with shoe-size three or more modest. The width for these boards is normally around 6.5 inches to seven inches, and the length may shift from 27 inches to 28 inches.


This board is for individuals matured between six to eight years with shoe sizes of four to six. The width for these boards is generally around seven inches, and the length might associate with 28 inches.

Medium-sized Skateboard

This board is for individuals matured between nine to 12 years with shoe-size seven to eight. The width for these boards is generally around 7.5 inches, and the length might associate with 28 inches.

Full-sized Skateboard

This board is for individuals matured 13 and above with shoe-size nine or bigger. The width for these boards is normally around 7.5 inches to eight inches, and the length might associate with 29 inches to 32 inches.

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