How Long Do Longboard Wheels Last?

Longboard wheels are used for skateboarding, longboarding, and other extreme sports. Wheel sizes vary from company to company but typically range between 53mm-60mm in diameter with varying widths.

The average longboard wheel is 57mm wide. Although they come in a variety of colors, the most popular color is white. Wheels are made from a variety of urethanes, which have different properties.

Average Lifespan Of Longboard Wheel

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The average lifespan of a longboard wheel depends on the make and quality of the product. Professional skaters typically purchase high-quality wheels that last longer but cost more as well. The best types of urethane for skateboarding are those with a higher durometer.

Buying a set of eight wheels based upon their durometer to last an average of approximately two months if used constantly. If you’re not a professional skater these wheels last an average of six months or more. With time you also notice that your wheels have started to faint yellow we have solved that query in our article Why Do Skateboard Wheels Turn Yellow? Reasons And Solutions 

If properly maintained, your longboard will feel the same as the first day you ever used it. Like all bearings, they do wear down over time. Once wheels are broken down, they cannot be repaired. However, if you properly clean and maintain your wheels after each use, it will ensure that you get the most out of them while skating.

How To Extend The Lifespan Of Longboard Wheels

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Longboard wheels are made of urethane, which is a durable rubber. However, the urethane can dry out and become less sticky over time.

This phenomenon is even more likely to occur if your longboard wheel comes into contact with water or you expose the wheel to extremely high temperatures (such as by leaving it in direct sunlight).

This can cause your wheels to lose speed, grip, and responsiveness. Fortunately, there are several ways you can prevent this from happening or fix it if it has already happened.

5 Ways To Extend Lifespan Of Longboard Wheels

  • Always keep your board in a cool, dry place because urethane is known to become less sticky when it’s exposed to water or high temperatures, and leaving your board in a hot car or exposing it to the sun may cause this problem.
  • If you notice that your wheels aren’t gripping as well or have gotten a little bit slicker over time, try applying a thin layer of petroleum jelly (such as Vaseline) to the surface of your wheel.
  • Afterwards, use a clean cloth to wipe off any excess petroleum jelly from the wheel and let it fully dry. This process will add grip back onto your wheel and make it perform its best once again.
  • Another way you can prevent urethane from becoming less sticky over time is by taking care of your board in other ways such as making sure you always land with all four wheels touching the ground when you jump, which will lessen the impact on your wheels and prevent cracks or dings in them.
  • If you notice when you do land with all four wheels touching the ground that some of them have developed cracks, don’t worry because there’s a simple fix for this problem too: simply apply a little bit of super glue to the cracks and let it fully dry before attempting to ride your board again.

However e have a detailed guide on Skateboard Maintenance you can get proper assistance from our blog.

Factors That Effect Lifespan Of Longboard Wheels

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If you ride longboarding every day then your wheels will wear down much faster than someone who only rides occasionally.  If you are a beginner, then your wheels will also wear down more quickly because you are not yet accustomed to the style of riding.


Durometer is how hard or soft your longboard wheels are.  Different styles of skating require different durometers, but they only tend to wear down over time with frequent usage.  Harder durometers are usually more expensive, but they will last much longer than softer wheels.


The price of your longboard wheels does not always mean that they are of higher quality.  Some companies try to take advantage of their customers by charging a huge premium for an average product.  On the other hand, some cheap brands happen to produce some really great wheels. 

Wheel Bites

This occurs when your board’s wheel clips the board, causing it to stop abruptly and putting you in danger of falling off or breaking something on your board.  The faster you are riding, the more likely you are to fall.  Avoid wheel bites by only turning at speeds where you can still easily recover from a bad turn.

Tips To buy Longboard Wheels

Spitfire Classic Series

Longboard wheels are a very important component of any longboard setup. They can make or break the ride, and for that reason, it is extremely important to be familiar with what characteristics will give you a smooth ride. We have covered that topic in detail in our blog Different Types Of Skateboard Wheels For Skating.

Also, a good beginner’s tip is to go with some harder wheels for more speed and grip, as your first set of wheels. You’ll need soft ones later if you want to do tricks and slides! So, unless you’re going out right away to learn those fancy tricks, start with some hard-ish wheels!

You’ll find that most common wheel setups are either made up of square-cornered, rounded-corner or conical (a.k.a. cylindrical) shaped wheels. These are what you should start with if you don’t know what to get! Hold on though, there is also one specific kind of wheel that is very special, and this is the core-supported wheel!

All in all, it’s generally not that big of a deal to get core-supported wheels for your longboard. Unless you’re doing some serious tricks or slides, they probably won’t make a huge difference. They do cost a fair bit more though sometimes up to double!

But if you find them at a good price and want to give them a try out of curiosity or whatever, go ahead. You might like them, sometimes they don’t work out though – everyone has their own preferences!


Harder = faster roll speed over smooth surfaces, less grip and stability, can be broken down faster than softer wheels


Softer = slower roll speed over rough surfaces, tons of grip and stability, skid stops are harder to control (harder to break them down), slide more easily on smooth surfaces

Conical / Cylindrical

Conical/cylindrical shaped = has a bit more grip, slides much easier on smooth surfaces but also wears much faster

Square / Rounded Cornered

Square-cornered rounded-corner shaped = don’t really know what this means? You probably want these. They’re the most suitable for all kinds of riding! Durable as well. Max speed possible with these is lower though because they’re not as fast-rolling as other kinds.

Longboard Wheels Cores

Powell Peralta Rat Bones

Wheel cores are usually made out of one single kind of material, but can also be two or even three-layered. The most common cores are:

Normal Cores

Normal cores (very uncommon and mostly found in longboard wheels) will cost a bit more as well, but they’re worth it! They will roll faster over smooth surfaces than regular plastic, don’t wear down as quickly as normal plastic either. Also super strong for some reason due to their inner material being so solid.

Two Piece Cores

Two-piece cores (mostly intended for longboard wheels) – the outer layer is made out of some kind of soft urethane that rolls smoothly on the ground while the center of the wheel is made from a harder material which makes it resistant to flat spots caused by rocks etc. A great option for freeriding.

Triple Layer Cores

Triple-layer cores (mostly intended for longboard wheels) the outer layer is much like the double-core, it’s made out of some kind of soft urethane which rolls smoothly on the pavement while the center of the wheel is made from a harder material which increases resistance to flat spots caused by rocks etc.

Hollow Cores

There are other kinds of cores as well, like the ‘hollow’ core which is pretty much exactly what it sounds like; it’s hollowed out all-around to make them lighter.

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