Best Skateboard Backpack To Buy In 2024

People who love skating need the best skateboard backpack for their stuff. A skater knows how hard it is to carry all things in his hands, and it seems old-fashioned.

An ideal skateboard backpack not only holds your skateboard but also holds everything you need, such as cell phones, wallets, laptops, water bottles, and whatever you want. The best skateboard backpack uses high-quality materials to protect your luggage in case of a stumble.

So obviously, you are struggling to find a backpack that is good for skating, traveling, hiking, and even fishing! But don’t worry about it. With research and reviews, we came up with the best skateboard backpack list!

Ronyes Skateboard Backpack

Ronyes Skateboard Backpack

The Ronyes skateboard backpack is a very flexible backpack with various pockets and a likable design. The simple black design is specially designed to attract people of all ages. This backpack comes with multiple features.

In addition, this pack is not only water-resistant but is also manufactured with a waterproof coating which means that this bag will protect your expensive luggage even on rainy days. This backpack has multiple pockets including, a padded iPad pocket and a padded laptop pocket too.

In terms of comfort, this bag uses contour shoulder straps that will give you comfort when carrying heavy luggage. The back panel is specially designed to keep your back cool.

You can combine your Volleyball, Basketball, and Football with this bag because you will get a net on the front of this bag. More than that, this bag has an external USB port attached so you can charge your devices at any time on the go.

Gordie Electric Best Skateboard Backpack

Gordie Electric Best Skateboard Backpack

A Gordie skateboard backpack is best for commuters, and it can carry your electric skateboard, longboard, or regular skateboard. It is well for kids and people of all ages because you can easily take it anywhere.

The shape of this backpack is pretty cool, and you will look beautiful with it. This backpack has a good and unique zipper closure to protect your items.

Moreover, this backpack is specially manufactured to carry your heavy belongings. You can find many pockets inside this backpack that will offer to take a laptop and everything you want. Double bottle holders help you in hiking and travelling. A deep pocket is best to take a fold-able camera tripod.

For relaxation, the shoulder straps are adjustable, and in the case of heavy assets, the hip belt is available to distribute your weight. On the front side, there are two strips available to hold your skateboard tightly.

This backpack is designed to grip a regular skateboard and mini electric skateboard up to 38” long and up to 20 lbs. If you are searching for a backpack that carries your all-electric skateboard and other items, then your research ends here.

Volcom Men’s Substrate ll Backpack

Volcom Men's Substrate ll Backpack

Volcom Men’s Substrate ll Backpack has inner mesh pockets and a compartment for a laptop. This backpack is well designed and comfortable for travelling. The company made this product for skaters because it is difficult to hold your luggage in your hands during skating.

This backpack is 100% polyester. The experts manufactured this for lasting use. The front straps are available to hold your skateboard easily. The small pocket allows you to carry mobile phones, wallets, and sunglasses.

There are two water bottle pockets on the sides. The strong shoulder straps help you to carry heavy-weight luggage. The shoulder straps and back panel use the padded form for safety. This bag will give you an offer to put your luggage in this bag and enjoy skating with free hands.

Every skater or traveller dreams of keeping his item safe, so you can easily carry anything inside the big pocket of this bag safely.

Eastsport Multi-Compartment Skater Backpack

Eastsport Multi-Compartment Skater Backpack

The Eastsport skater backpack is a good choice on a low budget. The low price does not damage the quality of this product, and even this backpack has multiple features that you can’t find in high-priced backpacks.

Dual front Velcro straps are designed for holding your skateboard securely. In terms of comfort, the shoulder straps use high-density foam to relax your shoulders in case of long-journey. Besides that, you can find two similar pockets in front and a big compartment for your laptop.

The side pockets offer to carry your water bottle or energy drink. Here you can store all your gear easily. The lasting polyester material and well zipper closure system make sure your expensive items are safe.

Waterproof coating saves your luggage from water on rainy days. This backpack has all the features to be your companion, so you can keep this bag with you in school, traveling, and also at the skatepark. All Eastport backpacks are manufactured with a lifetime guarantee.

Dakine Urban Mission 18L backpack

Dakine urbn Mission 18L backpack

Dakine urban mission backpack is manufactured to protect your daily essentials. It uses polyester material and an additional form padded to protect your belongings. The polyester body saves your items from water. This backpack helps skate.

There are many pockets in it. This backpack also has a secure laptop compartment where you can easily carry your laptop or heavy luggage. Sunglass pocket and mesh side pocket help you to organize your equipment and carry a water bottle with you.

Moreover, adjustable shoulder straps will help you on a long journey. The body of this backpack is strong, but it is built for lightweight. There are two strips in front of the pack that will hold your skateboard. Its colorful design looks even more attractive. It is colored with good material which will not ruff.

187 Killer Pads Standard Issue Backpack

187 Killer Pads Standard Issue Backpack

How difficult it is to have a skateboard in your hands but don’t worry, this bag can hold your skateboard as well as your mobile, laptop, and other things you want to keep with you in this backpack. This backpack came with multiple facilities that will give you relaxation.

Comfort is vital while travelling, hiking, and skating because, without relief, you can’t enjoy your ride properly. This lightweight backpack helps you to carry your stuff easily and make your day journey smoother. But safety comes first.

It is impossible that you are worried about the protection of your luggage and enjoy travelling together. The 187 Killer Pads Standard Issue Backpack is specially designed to protect your luggage from water and any damage.

The company guarantees that no matter how many times you open and close the zip, the zip will not be damaged. The lasting power of this bag is 1000D, and it is too long.

The color of this backpack is unique and attractive. Most buyers buy colorful backpacks, so this backpack gives you the best opportunity to choose the colorful pack with multiple features.

The shoulder straps are very adjustable and flexible, which means everyone can use this. The bottom of this backpack is secure, so it can easily take the high weight.

Eggboards Skateboard Bag Waterproof Backpack

Eggboards Skateboard Bag Waterproof Backpack

Eggboards skateboard backpack is formed for travelling. The waterproof pockets will help to keep your luggage safe from water. You can carry this bag everywhere without any problem because this backpack is comfortable. The size of the pack increases relaxation during travel.

You can take your skateboard anywhere without any worry. This product is comfortable for beach visiting because waterproof pockets and a unique zipper closure system save your items from water and sands. There is a skateboard pocket and a water-carrying side pocket to make you more relaxed.

You can easily access your wallet and mobiles because back pockets are specially designed for this stuff. This pack uses high-quality materials to protect your items on rainy days. The strong shoulder straps offer to lift heavy items like laptops etc.

This backpack has an easy closing system, so you can open and close your bag in a while. The whole body is made of waterproof fabric, and a waterproof divider is fitted between the skateboard pocket and the laptop compartment. It is the best skateboard backpack for adults.

TIMBUK2 Vert Backpack

Timbuk2 is a famous brand and has 25 years of experience in the market. This backpack is specially designed for long laptops. A big pack is a basic need for any traveller, so there are four external pockets that you will find in it, where you can store all your gadgets with complete safety.

The company expert knew water is so vital. They add two separate small side pockets for the water bottles. The inner slip pocket is made for pens, wallets, and cards. You can use this bag for travelling, hiking, and skating.

This skateboard backpack can also be your companion on campus and when walking with friends. The company has made the pockets of the bags with foam. Keeping in mind, it is vital to protect your equipment first. The pockets designs are rare but easy to access.

The pockets are well designed so that you can easily adjust all your stuff. You can walk comfortably after putting all your belongings in this backpack. This backpack has the option to separate your big and small stuff. Besides that, there are two tight straps available to hold the skateboard.

Most of the backpacks have hard shoulder strips and are challenging to carry. To save you from fatigue, the Timbuk2 vert backpack uses large shoulder padded straps. The shoulder straps are flexible and adjustable, so you can adjust the straps according to your body side.

The airy back panel keeps your back cool. This bag uses good material for long-term use and gives you a lifetime guarantee.

It is not easy to choose best product for our own use we have given a brief explanation about How to choose the best skateboard backpack.

Closing Thoughts

How easy it seems when your hands are free, and you are skating. For this, you need a backpack inside which you can carry all your equipment and enjoy skating and travelling. When your hands are free, the fun of skating becomes even more intense. You look even more beautiful with a great backpack. As we talk about carrying skateboard in backpack there must be some instances where you want to carry it without bag in fancy and professional ways we have made it easier for you in our blog post How To Carry a Skateboard Like a Pro?

So what are you waiting for? Go quickly and buy the best skateboard backpack for yourself today before the stock is over. Hope you like the best skateboard backpack list for 2023.

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