How To Apply Skateboard Grip Tape?

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to apply skateboard grip tape!

First, you’re going to need some stuff:

  1. Skateboard Grip Tape.
  2. Blade / Grip tape cutter.
  3. Ruler

If you are searching to buy a grip tape then you can have a look at our article on best skateboard grip tapes.

Step 1: Lay Down The Grip Tape

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After you acquire the above items you can start putting your skateboard together. I recommend doing this with two people so the grip tape will be much easier to deal with. Make sure the board is clean of dirt and oils before proceeding because if there are any then the grip tape won’t stick to it.

After that’s done lay the grip tape on the board and check to see if you got an even amount of coverage. Also, make sure you’re happy with where all your lines are (the lines show you where the edge is).

Step 2: Cut Along The Edges

Now for this step, I recommend having a third person because when you cut along the edges of your board things will get rather difficult when trying to cut underneath curve parts or anywhere that sticks out and/or could be easily broken by mishandling scissors.

Once again make sure everything looks good and then just do it! After that’s done we can move on to peeling off the backing.

Step 3: Peeling Back The Backing

First, make sure there’s no dust or anything on the top side of your board because you don’t want it to get stuck. If you think there are particles on the tape then wipe it with a cloth or even your hand.

Next, take one end of the backing and start peeling in an “up and away from you” motion while holding onto the grip tape so it doesn’t go anywhere.

Avoid Ripping Or Tearing

The best way to avoid ripping or tearing your grip tape is to be patient when you’re applying it. You have a whole sheet of grip, so if you go too fast and try to peel away what you just stuck on the board with one swift motion, chances are that it will rip.

Take your time and slowly remove a little bit from the backing at a time while making sure the grip is straight and lined up with your deck.

Closing Thoughts

So if we manipulate How to Apply Skateboard Grip Tape in some words, Cut along the edges for a seamless fit, peel back the backing carefully to avoid air bubbles and handle with care to prevent rips or tears. A well-applied grip tape enhances control and traction for safer skateboarding and better trick performance. Practice diligently, and soon you’ll confidently showcase your skills, knowing your grip tape supports every move.

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