How to Carry Longboard? 5 Convenient Ways

Carrying a longboard can be done using different methods. One way is to hold it in your hands, gripping the trucks with balanced weight distribution. Alternatively, you can use a shoulder strap or longboard backpacks.

Longboard backpacks provide a hands-free option by inserting the board into a designated slot. For travel, longboard travel bags offer protection during transit.

Each method has its benefits, offering comfort and convenience, depending on your preference and needs. We’ll explore various methods to carry your longboard and provide useful tips for a more enjoyable riding experience.

Carry it in Your Hands

longboard ceramic bearing

This method involves gripping the longboard by its trucks, with one hand positioned near the nose and the other towards the tail. By holding the board vertically, you ensure easy maneuverability through crowds and obstacles.

However, it’s crucial to maintain awareness of your surroundings to prevent any accidental collisions. The balanced weight distribution achieved through this method contributes to a comfortable carrying experience, allowing you to seamlessly transition from walking to riding, making it an ideal choice for short distances or when you need to quickly hop on your board

Carry it Using a Shoulder Strap

For a hands-free and hassle-free carrying experience, using a shoulder strap is a fantastic option. This method involves attaching a specialized longboard shoulder strap to the trucks of the board.

The strap is then worn across your body, allowing the longboard to rest on your opposite hip. Not only does this distribution of weight reduce strain on your arms, but it also frees up your hands for other tasks while keeping your longboard securely by your side.

Adjustable and padded shoulder straps provide enhanced comfort, making longer walks or commutes a breeze. This carrying method is particularly useful when you need to navigate public transport, carry other items, or simply enjoy a more relaxed stroll with your longboard always at the ready.

Carry it Using a Longboard Backpack

For those seeking a versatile solution, a longboard backpack is an excellent choice. Designed specifically to accommodate your longboard, these backpacks feature a designated slot to securely hold your board in place.

This hands-free approach allows you to walk comfortably while your longboard rests vertically on your back. Longboard backpacks often come equipped with additional compartments for stashing essentials like helmets, water bottles, or tools, making them ideal for longer rides and outings.

The ergonomic design, adjustable straps, and padded back panels ensure a comfortable fit, even during extended periods. Embracing this method offers the convenience of carrying your board while enjoying the convenience of a backpack, making it perfect for adventurers who crave both mobility and storage options.

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Carry it in a Longboard Travel Bag

When your longboarding adventures take you on longer journeys, a longboard travel bag becomes an indispensable companion. These specialized bags are designed to provide superior protection to your longboard while offering ease of transportation.

The process involves laying the bag flat, sliding the longboard deck into the bag with the trucks aligned with designated holes, and gently zipping it up. This method is perfect for travelers, as it shields your longboard from potential damage during transit, whether you’re traveling by car, bus, or plane.

Longboard travel bags come with handles and adjustable shoulder straps, offering various carrying options. The thoughtful design not only safeguards your board but also provides a hassle-free way to transport your cherished gear to far-flung skate spots or new cityscapes.

Tips for Comfortable and Safe Carrying

  • Mind Your Balance: Whether you’re carrying the longboard in your hands or using a strap, keeping it balanced will prevent strain on your body.

  • Choose Quality Gear: Invest in high-quality carrying accessories like straps, backpacks, or travel bags to ensure durability and comfort.

  • Stay Aware: Pay attention to your surroundings to avoid collisions or accidents while carrying your longboard.

  • Alternate Sides: If you’re carrying your board for an extended period, switch sides occasionally to prevent strain on one side of your body.

Proper Skateboard Storage

When your longboard isn’t in action, proper storage ensures its longevity. To preserve its condition, store your board in a dry and cool environment, protecting it from warping and moisture damage.

Consider using a wall-mounted skateboard rack to keep your longboard organized and off the ground. Implementing proper storage practices not only safeguards your investment but also ensures that your longboard is always ready for your next thrilling ride.

What Is Mall Grabbing?

“Mall grabbing” is a term used in the skateboarding community to describe holding a skateboard or longboard with the trucks facing outwards. It’s often considered a beginner mistake, as experienced riders typically carry their boards with the trucks facing their body. Avoid mall grabbing to display a better understanding of longboard etiquette.

Closing Thoughts

In conclusion, knowing how to carry a longboard properly is vital for your comfort, safety, and the preservation of your board. Whether you opt for hands-on carrying, shoulder straps, backpacks, or travel bags, choosing the right method and accessories will enhance your longboarding experience. Remember the tips mentioned above to carry your longboard with ease and confidence, both on and off the road.

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