Why is my skateboard so loud? Reasons and Solution.

This problem has been faced by number of skateboard riders. But it’s conventional that while riding you hear squeaky or strange noises. Might be possible that this isn’t a major issue, but it often happens that it starts irritating, and you get uncomfortable due to this. This event can take place probably from the beginning or may be due to the excessive use of it.

Now the point is to figure out the precise Reasons and Solutions for your loud Skateboard. At first you just need to examine what is exacerbating the sound

Following can be the reasons behind it:

  • Dry Bearings
  • Unstable Washers
  • Flat spotting on the wheels
  • Damaged Pivot Cup and bushings

Dry Bearings

At first you must have a little knowledge about bearings and their role. Bearings are located inside the wheel of a skateboard wheels, there are 8 bearings on a skateboard as per wheel consist of 2 bearing sets.

Bearings play vital role in the performance of Skateboard as it assists them to turn freely, makes the ride smoother and performing stunts and different gets easier.

In Downhill racing bearings must be up to date if you want to win it. Bearings aren’t long lasting, but their maintenance can make a big difference This must have given you a little knowledge about the importance of bearings, now we will guide you to how to get rid of this problem with bearings by just following these steps.

  • To clean this, you must have cotton and Nail polish Remover
  • Let them soak for almost 15 minutes
  • Turn the upside down
  • Put it one by one and shake them for a little
  • Use cotton and now slap them around
  • Now apply some olive oil or you can use lube
  • Roll them back and forth
  • Let them dry
  • Now clean your wheel for the last time
  • Enjoy the soundproof ride!!

If you wanna buy new bearings for your skateboard or longboard, you can read our article on Best Longboard Bearings.

Unstable Washers

If you’re experiencing squeaky sounds or maybe wheels of the skateboard clicking while leaning, it’s most probably due to the unstable washers and the reason for this is oversize hole and might be possible that it is due to the washer that is close to the base plate.

But the blameworthy here is the local skateboard shop who sold you a washer that has oversized hole. There might be some antidots for you but if this doesn’t give you the desired result then you are left with only one solution that is to buy the new washers.

So, if you want to fix it follow the steps that are mentioned below:

  • By using tools just unscrew the kingpin nut
  • But the help of Teflon tape wrap the threads of your kingpin. You can also use any other tape to make the kingpin thicker until the washes are fit. This will not last long because friction will cut the tape.
  • One more solution that you can avail is to use some strong glue and make it stick to the kingpin nut.

Flat-Spotting on the Wheels

As skateboarders bumpy and noisy rides are not your thing. This kind of issue usually occur due to flat spotting caused by power sliding.

As you’re experiencing flat spotting of the wheels then the only option in your hand is to change the wheels. This is costly but for real this is the most optimal solution otherwise it may starts affecting the other components of the board and ultimately it makes the ride smoother and comfortable.

If your wheels are damaged and you are finding new wheels for your skateboard, must read our article on Best Skateboard Wheels.

Damaged Pivot cup and bushings

One of the most common reasons that your skateboard is making loud noises while leaning is due to loose screws and issues with the pivot cup. Solution for this is very simple all you need to do is to tighten this.

If you’re still facing the same issue even after tightening it, then the issue is with pivot cups and then the solution is to follow the following steps:

  • Loose the kingpin nut
  • Bring out the body of a truck of the pivot hole
  • Segregate the pivot cup off the hanger and then verify the wear and tear
  • Bring out the gunk if any in the pivot hole and apply lubricant
  • Now assemble the truck back and enjoy the soundproof ride

If your problem is not resolved yet, then try buying new pivot cups it would be better.

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