7 Best Blank Skateboard Decks To Buy In 2024

Skateboarding is a very popular activity where you get to ride on your skateboard. A skateboarder will ride the board, either pushing with their feet or standing still while riding it like a scooter. This becomes even more fun when the skateboard deck is of your choice and of your style.

A large variety of skateboards are available in the market. Every skateboard is made of different materials with its own advantages and disadvantages. Blank skateboard decks (or blank skateboards) are one of the types of boards that you can use for your tricks and stunts.

A blank skateboard deck starts life as a standard piece of plywood, cut and shaped in such a way that it can be used for skating. The manufacturer will drill holes in it for the trucks and wheels, but otherwise, the deck is completely blank.

The description “blank” can be misleading because some have lovely artwork of their own without any paint jobs. They come without any design or logo on them, which gives you the freedom to choose the board you like and customize it to your liking.

Warning Blank Skateboard Deck

Warning Blank Deck

Warning has been around for a while and is recognized in the skateboarding world as one of the top companies. Whether you’re just starting out and need a deck that will help you learn all your tricks, or you’re experienced and want to add to your collection, Warning has got something for everybody.

The Warning Decks are a great choice for those looking to fly hard and make some quick turns. They have steep concaves, which provide an extra edge when skating sharp obstacles. Warning decks are made from 7-ply maple, pressed in their own factory.

So that it will withstand extreme temperatures or moisture in order to keep your board lasting longer than other brands without costing too much!

You can choose between two different width sizes, depending on your skating style and size. For example: if you are looking for an extremely technical board that provides maximum grip in all conditions then go with the 7.5-inch deck.

Whereas if maintaining stability while riding switch or doing tricks is more important than having extra traction under less-than-ideal circumstances use an 8-inch blank skateboard deck.

Bamboo Blank Skateboard Deck

Bamboo Blank Skateboard Deck

The decks are made from bamboo which makes them more durable than most other boards on the market. They have a mellow concave shape to provide comfortable foot-holds when cruising. But with a short wheelbase and stiff trucks they can also be used for fast carving.

Bamboo skate decks are a superior option for riders who want more control and stability while they’re skating. The best part is that the decks are super strong and make skateboarding feel like an absolute blast. With these boards through your jumps will be huge.

This means not only can they absorb shock better but if something does happen it simply won’t break or crack. This also makes them perfect for beginners who might be scared their board may snap in half under pressure.

You’ll be able to take your skateboarding skills up a notch with the bamboo blank skateboard decks. These boards are perfect for any pro or beginner who wants an all-around board that they can customize in whatever way makes them happy.

Mini Cruiser Blank Deck

Bamboo Mini Skateboard

This mini cruiser by bamboo is a Heavy-Duty 6-Ply Bamboo and Maple deck which is made for heavy riders. It features durable material that can bear weight, flexibility in spite of its durability and the construction exceeds what you would expect from any other board.

Mini cruiser blank deck provides you with stability and balance to perform tricks. They give a low concave, which allows for super control of your board while doing so.

The deck is flexible enough that it can take on any type of terrain without getting destroyed or losing its edge. Perfect if speed-skating down the ice rink as well. Due to its durability and lightweight, this is the best blank skateboard deck for the craziest movements without breaking it.

Cal 7 Blank Maple Deck

Cal 7 Blank Maple deck

This entire board is made from one sheet of compressed maple veneer with no lamination. This means it has a more classic feel and pops to its surface which will make your gameplay look amazing with all these detailed features you get in this sleek design!

The entire deck is covered in a water-based sanded sealer, meaning that it scratches easily but holds a grip tape well. This means you will have to reseal this deck more than most and if you don’t want to do that then consider getting a deck that has a graphic on it.

The deck is designed to be versatile, so it’s suitable for all types of skating styles. Whether you want tricks or just cruising along the streets with friends and family in town, this symmetrical popsicle concave will make your experience smooth as silk!

NPET Blank Skateboard Deck

NPET Blank Skateboard Decks

The NPET blank maple deck is 100% North American Maple and has a handcrafted quality that you can feel as soon as you touch it. It is moisture-proof and very durable if handled properly.

Anyone who uses their skateboard for tricks will break it, but those who use them just to cruise around will love the stiffness and durability of this board. It is a great skateboard and it is very easy to ride and control without many complications.

When you’re buying a blank skateboard deck, there are two important factors to look at, how well it rides and if the components will adjust easily. This board has everything covered with pre-drilled holes so adjusting your gear becomes super easy!

CCS Logo Blank Skateboard Deck

CCS Logo Blank Skateboard Deck

CSS Logo blank skateboard decks are made from high-quality, multiples natural Maplewood. This makes them strong and durable because of their durability in construction material as well as flexibility.

This will give you the stability needed while skateboarding on both street or park surfaces without worrying about breaking down at any time. The symmetrical shape also means that it’s perfect for skating.

If your plans include going out into an area with little terrain available to practice tricks before attempting something larger like cement parks then CSS Logo is the best blank skateboard deck for you.

Moose Premium Skateboard Deck

Moose Blank Skateboard Deck

A flexible board with impact-resistant qualities is a great asset in any situation. Moose blank skateboard deck sets itself apart from other products by being incredibly durable. The Moose blank deck features a modern concave, which is designed to ensure you can ride worry-free no matter what your riding style and surface.

The nose of the board is just slightly larger than its tail so that when going downhill or accelerating out of turns it will always provide stability for riders who enjoy more control in their turns rather than relying on momentum along with a wider stance during landings.

In addition to its flexibility stopping it from snapping when met with force or pressure, this specially designed material also increases safety for riders who can handle their boards without worrying about breaking them!

Why to buy blank skateboard deck?

Save Money

You can save money by buying a blank board instead of a complete skateboard. Blank decks should be cheaper because they lack the hardware and grip tape that goes on a complete.

A complete skateboard has all the necessary parts for riding it, including the wheels, trucks, bearings and grip tape. The deck is only the board on which you stand. A deck runs around $20 to $40, while complete boards can cost up to several hundred dollars.

Your Choice Of Deck

Your Choice Of Blank Deck

If you choose the right blank deck, it will be sturdy enough for skating purposes. The best type of wood for skateboards is maple, although other woods are acceptable as well. Some manufacturers make skateboards with inexpensive laminates rather than solid maple.

The deck needs to be stiff and resistant to warping or breaking under your weight, as well as that of others riding on it if you are part of a group session. In addition, the board should not be too heavy for you to carry around after you have arrived at your favorite skating spot.


Customizable blank deck

If you want to create your own design from scratch, look for a blank deck with a simple shape without carvings or other features that would limit your ability to paint or draw on it. You can always buy decals or stickers from a craft store and apply them over already printed designs.

Make your own Skateboard

Make your own Skateboard

The step after buying a blank board is to buy the other supplies that are needed to turn it into a skateboard. A typical setup includes shock pads, wheels, and trucks. In this way, the skateboard is completely customizable making it a unique item tailored exactly to how its owner wants it to look and feel.

If you want to buy new wheels for your blank skateboard decks or have any questions about the type of bearings that are best for your blank deck visit our latest posts below:

Closing Thoughts

Blank skateboard decks are a great way to save money without sacrificing the quality of the final product. The best part about buying the best blank skateboard deck is that it is much less expensive than a brand new board and the skater still gets to express themselves through their design.

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